Regarding the Church Construction Project

The construction of the St Alphonsa Cathedral, Mickleham, will be another milestone for the Eparchy of St Thomas, Melbourne. Indeed, it will be a source of pride for all Syro-Malabar Catholics, particularly the migrant Syro-Malabar faithful in Australia and New Zealand. God has sent us to these countries to continue our missionary call for spreading the Good News in every corner of the world after our ancestors received our great faith from St Thomas, the Apostle.

Soon a master plan for the site development at Mickleham will be realised, and in the coming weeks a town planning application will be submitted to the Hume City Council for approval. In every sense, the design for the Cathedral will reflect most of the features and architecture of our traditional Syrian churches in Kerala, both externally and internally, that will cater to sacramental life of the faithful within the diocese.

The proposed cathedral church will be 1400 square metres in size with a seating capacity for 750 people, in order to provide for the future needs of the diocese. The master plan also includes separate proposals for construction of a chancery, bishop’s residence and a multipurpose community hall that will initially become a venue for the celebration of mass until construction of the cathedral is completed. Catechism classrooms and a 250 vehicle parking facility will follow to complete the project.

The Syro-Malabar faithful in the North and West regions of Melbourne have been leading this spiritual cause on behalf of our diocese, and we now seek everyone’s participation in this major diocesan project. For this project to materialize, we need many intercessory prayers from everyone that God’s providence and the Holy Spirit’s guidance may prevail in every work we do for its construction, together with your financial support. The construction cost will be approximately $4.5 million. This is because of revisions to the church design, increasing its size to the status of a cathedral. This will better cater for future growth, whereas the original design was limited to the needs of the local community.

We invite everyone to become a part of this spiritual cause that will become a centre for imparting our great faith, which our ancestors received from St Thomas, and nurtured and preserved through many generations. Now, while we are in countries like Australia and New Zealand we are reminded to be even more vigilant and proactive in our responsibility to the present generation as we faithfully await the second coming of Jesus.

Building committee update May 2015

Dear parishioners, 

We are very happy to inform you that we have submitted the “Town Plan Application” of Alphonsa Nagar with the Hume City Council with its master plan and all other associated reports from various consultants.  As you know, the application has been prepared through a number of professionals who have worked relentlessly for a long period of time.

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We respectfully request your generous spiritual and financial support for this great and worthy project. You may use the following account for any financial contribution to the construction of the cathedral.
You may send your contributions to:
Account Name : St.Thomas Syro-Malabar Catholic Community
BSB : 083347
Account number : 12540 2804

Building Committee Office Bearers


Fr.Mathew Kochupurackal


Fr.Abraham Nadukunnel

Shiji Thomas

Shiji Thomas


George Abraham
Joint Convenor



Sibi Issac


Executive Committee Members

Fr. Mathew Kochupurackal – President

Fr. Abraham Nadukunnel – Vice-President

Shiji Thomas  – Convener

George Abraham – Joint Convener

Sibi Issac –  Secretary

Assis Mathew – Joint Convenor

Joby Mathew – Kaikaran of the Cathedral

Finance Committee Members

Fr. Mathew Kochupurackal

Assis Mathew

Biju Thayamkery

Alex Mathew

Building Committee Members

Babychan Abraham – Kaikaran of the Cathedral

Biju Thayamkery – Kaikaran of   Melbourne West Parish

Thomas Sebastian –  Accountant of the Cathedral

Antony Joseph – Elected Member

Anto Thomas – Elected Member

Tomy Thomas – Elected Member

Fr. Abraham Nadukunnel

Joby Philip

Jaisto Joseph

Cletus Chacko

1. Fr.Mathew Kochupurackal

2. Fr. Abraham Nadukunnel

3. Alex Joseph

4. Anoop Antony

5. Anto Avarappatt

6. Antony Joy

7.Antony George

8.  Assis Mathew

9. Babychen Abraham

10. Dipu George

11. George Antony

12. Jimmy Joseph

13. Joanne Sebastian

14. Joby Mathew

15. Joby Philip

16. Joe Paul

17. Jomon Joseph

18. Jose Mathew

19. Jose Thomas

20. Jovan Jacob

21. Joy Kuriathu

22. Justin Palliyan

23. Justin Thazathukunnel

24. Jyothis Jose

25. Ligy Cletus

26. Lija Joshy

27. Litty Santhosh

28. Nifin Jose

29. Paul Sebastian

30. Seema George

31. Shaji Joseph

32. Shaju Peter

33. Shiji Thomas

34. Shobi John

35. Sibi Isaac

36. Stanly Jose

37. Thomas Sebastian

38. Thomaskutty V.J






39. Thomson Simon

40. Tomy Thomas

41. Tomy Mathew

42. Alex Mathew

43. Amal John

44. Benny Joseph

45. Biju Thayamkery

46. Binesh Scaria

47. Dany Vinu

48. Davis Aynikkal

49. Deepa Shibu

50. George Abraham

51. Jaison Urumese

52. Jancy Benny

53.John Joseph

54. Jomin Jose

55. Nisha Jose

56. Pius Paul

57. Praveen John

58. Rinku Joseph

59. Sabna Joseph

60. Sanichan Manamel

61. Shaju Padayatty

62. Sibi Joseph

63. Smitha Liju

64. Sonu Thekkanadiyil

65. Thomas Davies

66. Varghese John

67. Varghese John

68. Vijo Varghese

69. Zeyona Jose

70.  Benny Sebastian

71. Cletus Chacko

72. Jaisto Joseph

73. Sebastian Thattil

74. Tijo Joseph

75. Antony Joseph

76. Saji George

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