Jesus Youth

A missionary movement at the service of the church.

Jesus Youth is an International Catholic Movement with a focus on evangelising as well as promoting the missionaryinitiatives of young people. It had its beginnings in Kerala, India and grew up as an active part of the CatholicCharismatic Renewal of the state. In the late 1970s, the Renewal wave touched the lives of many in Kerala, whichresulted in the formation of a number of youth groups. In 1985, the International Year of the Youth, these groupscame together under a single name – Jesus Youth. Over the next several years, the movement spread to differentparts of India and gradually to a number of other countries. The movement is now active in more than thirtycountries around the world.

Jesus Youth helps young people to make Jesus a part of their everyday lifestyle. It is active in parishes, colleges and university campuses, workplaces, institutions and organisations.

Jesus Youth members seek to grow as faithful disciples of Christ, through the six pillars of the movement.

  • Daily Prayer.
  • Word of God.
  • Sacraments.
  • Fellowship
  • Service
  • Evangelisation:

The movement began in Australia in the year 2004, when a few Jesus Youth migrated to Australia for their career prospects. After a time of prayer, discussions, sharing and networking, the first Jesus Youth meeting in Australia was held on the 18th of July 2004 in Dandenong, Melbourne. In the initial phase of the movement, night vigils and fellowship gatherings were organised frequently at St. Gerard’s Catholic Church, Dandenong. In 2005, the movement rose to a new horizon with the support and encouragement of Archbishop Christopher C Prowse DD STD and many reverend priests and leaders in the movement. Many youth were drawn to the movement as they found a friendly approach to committing to Christ and a style that was simple yet vibrant. The following years witnessed the starting up of Jesus Youth groups in different parts of Australia – Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin & Canberra which led to the establishment of a national movement with a clear vision and purpose. In 2014 Jesus Youth Australia celebrated its 10 years in Australia.The movement in Australia is coordinated by ‘the Jesus Youth National Council (JYNC)’ and functions under theguidance of Archbishop Christopher C Prowse DD STD.

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