Choir is an integral part of our worship at St. Alphonsa’s Cathedral Church. Choirs feature in the Bible’s own description of divine worship, where both men and women were organised for choral singing accompanied by instruments. In the Old Testament, we find choirs before, during, and after the temple, whereas the New Testament shows us what seem to be choirs singing in heaven. Choir is vital to worship, in the same way that prayer, praise and sacrament are part of that worship. The great value of a choir, from biblical times to the present day has been its ability to glorify the words of worship with the beauty of music.

At our Parish, we aim to share the gospel of Jesus Christ through singing, to encourage believers in their walk with Christ, lead the congregation in worship and provide an avenue through which individuals may share their gift and be an integral part of that worship.

St. Alphonsa Cathedral Choir Melbourne (SACCM) comprise of parishioners from different walks of life, with varied talents but a single mission to glorify the Lord and spread the love of Jesus through music. The members meet fortnightly for fellowship, prayer and practice. A SACCM “Whatsapp” group has been set for interaction and intercessory prayer among members. We value prayer as the basis of our Ministry that enable us to love, respect and honour one another.

Those who wish to join our choir may approach the coordinator.

  Morris Pallath
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