Since at least the fourth century the St. Thomas Christians of Malabar have been sharing the same liturgy of the East Syrian tradition. The St. Thomas Christians had the East Syrian rite of marriage until the arrival of the European missionaries. However, the Thomas Christian marriage is not just a copy of Mesopotamian (East Syrian) celebration. There are also ceremonies in it like the rite of Tali and the rite of Mantrakoti, which are found only among the Thomas Christians. Thomas Christians have the rite of tying the Tali, instead of the rite of rings, which is an important element of the Chaldean and Assyrian tradition of marriage. In this paper we shall concentrate on the specific elements found in the marriage celebration of the Thomas Christians. First, we shall first of all take a general view of the East Syrian marriage, focusing on the theological aspects of the marriage liturgy. This general survey of the East Syrian marriage and its theology is followed by the analysis of the specific elements found in the St. Thomas Christian liturgy of marriage and its theology.

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