“The family is the basic unit in society”

The family is both the fundamental unit of society as well as the root of culture. Women are the key part of every family and they are having great responsibilities in moulding and maintaining relationships and the existence of the family.

Mathrudeepthi is a mothers group in our parish to work for the wellness of all families of our community by providing seamless awareness of family establishment in the model of Holy Family.


Our vision is to inspire mothers spiritually and socially and make them aware of their responsibilities to bring up their children to true followers of Jesus Christ and thus grow as one worshiping community.


We aim to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and contributes to all aspects of parish activities to support and strengthen its vision. The group determined to work to grow and share a caring, supporting, and encouraging fellowship of community members by inspiringbody, mind, and spirit through friendship, prayer and offering service to each other. ‘A friend in need is a friend indeed‘ is our spirit and we provide support and care for those who need it.

History and Activities

Mathrudeepthi was formed in January 2012 with the initiation of Chaplin Fr. Peter Kavumpuram. Mrs.Joan Saji was the first president and Mrs. Sona Biju, the secretary and Mrs. Smitha Liju the Treasurer and they continued for the following year too. In 2014, Mrs. Nisha Benit elected as president and Mrs. Alby John and Mrs. Sapna Lenin as secretary and treasurer respectively. At present 30 mothers are actively participating in our mission.


  • All 5thSunday and 1st Saturday masses are organized by Mathrudeepthi.
  • Church decoration, food serving, preparing Christmas cake and, cleaningare done by our members with high enthusiasm.
  • In many occasions mathrudeepthi raised fund collection for helping sick people in Kerala and continuing financial help for needy.
  • We organize family outing for strengthen our relationships and participate recreational activities.
  • Prepare cultural programs during parish day and Ecumenical St Thomas day.

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